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The wild life on Indian coasts such as marine life, migratory birds etc, are in great numbers. Shri Gautam Buddha loved them as human beings. The teachings of Jain Dharma also advocate the same. The sixteen hundred kilometre long coastline of Gujarat is mostly covered by mangrove forests and is also full of marine life, migratory birds and other animals. These saline wetlands provide shelter for migratory birds. What is alarming is the fact that these very same saline wetlands are diminishing very fast due to expansion and development of new Ports, salt works, other industries, expansion of cities, High tension power lines, tourist resorts, etc. The present condition for the protection of natural resources, particularly saline wetlands and wild life are unfavourable not only in India but also throughout the ‘WORLD’.

This fact is endorsed here under as per different daily news papers; Illegal land reclamation at mangrove forests and wetlands are a reality for the setting up of new industries (The news item of recent TOI for Khambhat Salt Unit)

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Our MISSION is "UNIQUE" in the World,
Join us! Save Nature!

Flamingos slaughtered for meat in Kutch TNN Jan 4, 2012, 03.03AM IST
AHMEDABAD: Wildlife experts and enthusiasts from around the world will congregate in the air-conditioned environs of Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar as part of the Global Bird Watcher's Conference on January 19. But it would make more sense if they met in the marshlands of Kutch and surrounding areas, which have become a graveyard of some of the most endangered winged species in the country - flamingos.

Conservation activists have uncovered a major incident of poaching of lesser flamingos in the Little Rann of Kutch.

Last week, activist D V Girish of Bhadra Wildlife Conservation Trust of Bangalore was shocked when he found a large heap of white feathers in the wasteland near Velasar village in Maliya Miyana taluka in Rajkot.

On closer inspection, he found 33 severed heads and legs of lesser flamingos. The torsos were missing, indicating that they had been killed for meat.

The birds may have been trapped and then killed. The lesser flamingos are local migratory birds that flock to the region during winter months from the southern part of the country. Despite being the most populous species of flamingo, it is notified as near-threatened due to its declining population and depleting breeding sites.

"I fear that this is not an isolated incident," Girish told TOI.

"There is hardly any presence of the forest department officials in the region. We brought the incident to the notice of numerous officials, but no one was willing to own up jurisdiction. I fear some fishermen or an organized gang might have had a big feast."

Local forest officials say locals in the region often feast on flamingo meat. Even when TOI tried to contact forest officials, everyone passed the buck. S K Goyal, principal chief conservator of forests (wildlife), said, "The matter has not been reported to senior officials.

Local-level officials might be aware, but we will definitely now inquire into the incident." Last month, TOI had reported deaths of nearly 400 greater flamingos due to electrocution caused by a newly-laid high-tension power transmission line in the Greater Rann of Kutch.

Pylons are constructed through the centre of wetlands which are the breeding places of migratory birds and flamingos, due to reduced length and cost cutting. These very same high – tension power lines are resulting in the death of these birds (TOI news item with coloured photos), 8am, November, 20, 2011 Khadir Island by RD Meriya

These birds and wetlands can’t raise their voice like us, humans! But the degradation is reflected on the entire environment. At times the mangrove forests had reduced the impact of a tsunami. In the interest of our own future generation, it is necessary to protect our coastal forests and to further them by planting more trees. In this manner it is possible to develop artificial wetlands, develop mangroves and shelters for migratory birds. Now, the need of the hour is to enforce CRZ norms as well as honourable Supreme Court’s guidelines in various judgments more rigidly and to arrest further depletion.

Environmental Educational Programme

As desired by Mr. D.S. Jhala, Chairman and other Directors, an Environmental Educational programme was organised during the period from 15th to 17th December 2014 at four villages - Haripar, Bagsra, Devgadh & Jajasar by Mrs. Sharmila Deo, Representative of “Kalpavriksh an NGO based at Pune working on various Environmental issues”. Mr. Vivek Dhruna has co-ordinated to organise the program in these primary schools in the vicinity of Dev Salt Private Ltd, Haripar, Maliya in consultation with Head Masters of each school. We invited the TDO of Maliya and his presence made the program more interesting. He initiated with his motivational speech and also imparted some environmental knowledge to the students and specifically mentioned to the villagers that “You people are very lucky to have Dev Wetland & Social Welfare foundation, who took such initiatives to create environmental awareness among the people”.

With the cooperation of TDO, Sarpanches of the respective villages, School teachers, students and the villagers, the first Environmental Educational Program in these schools went well. Sarpanch alongwith the villagers extended their heartfelt thanks to Dev Wetland for initiating and promoting various community development activities/programmes and creating environmental awareness in the minds of villagers especially in new generations. Mr. A.K. Kotecha, GM-Works was also present. Students of the school enjoyed playing environmental games, which was a part of the Environmental educational programme for which game materials were provided by Dev Wetland.

Tree Plantation in nearby school & temple of Haripar & Devgadh Villages have been done by Chairman, Directors of Dev Wetland, officers of Dev Salt and village Sarpanches and other leaders.


Distributed School bags to the students of Standard 1st on the occasion of “Shala Pravesotsav” and sweets/biscuit packets to all the students of the school.

Cash Award and Certificate of Appreciation given to one of the students of Haripar who secured 84% marks in 12th Arts.

Special Tutor for High School students for Science, Maths & English subjects has been appointed to improve the progress of the students as well the quality of education.

The educational level in our adopted village, Haripar was very poor and for last 5 years none of the students tend to pass out SSC exams. Our aim to promote the educational level of the village students, for that we appointed a tutor and provided coaching to the students of Std. 8,9 & 10. After appointing the tutor and with her continues efforts we achieved the fruitful result of 61% during the academic year 2015-16. Out of 13 students 8 passed out with flying colours.The achievement brought good impression on parents of the students and village people.

To motivate and honor all the 13 students a function was arranged by Dev Wetland and Social Welfare Foundation were the Chairman Shri D.S Jhala, Collector Shri I.K Patel, DSP Shri Jaypalsingh Rathod & Mamlatdar Shri Bati and other prominent people were present. While delivering the motivating speech by above dignitaries, they congratulated Shri D.S. Jhala, Chairman and Shri H.D. Jhala, MD for taking such sincere efforts in the field of education in the backward village through Dev Wetland and Social Welfare Foundation.


Free Medical Camps through Indian Medical Association have been conducted at Village Haripar & Devgadh in July & September ’15 respectively where more than 8 specialized Doctors (ENT, Orthopedic, Heart, Dental, Dermatologist, ophthalmologist, physician etc.) were called and more than 225 patients in each camp availed the free medical check-up and free medicines.

Social,Welfare & Cultural activities

Our aim is to create better society where all communities are treated equally. Some of the activities being carried our regularly in these villages are...

  • Distribution of sweets and chocolates to the children during National & Religious Festivals and keen involvement in their celebrations.

  • Distribution of Gifts (LHANI) to all the girls during Navratri Festival.

  • Arrangement of “Rest Camp” for the pilgrims who visits Religious places in Saurashtra & Kutch Regions of Gujarat, giving them medical, water and boarding facilities.

  • Very active role in “Swachchhata Abhiyan” inspired by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Making hoardings for awareness, cleaning of villages, removal of babool and clearance of road, garbage cleaning from the villages, diversion of drainage water to the discharge point marked by Government.

  • Making available of drinking water in school and villages, Cleaning of drinking water tanks made for cattle,.

  • Bhugarbh Gutter Yojna : Underground drainage system has been done in some of the village.

  • Helping Gram-Panchayat for infrastructure development like road, clinic, miscellaneous work etc.

  • Sponsoring the visits of the experts of other country, who are working on various projects in India, providing them facilities, arranging visits to the villages, helping them an all the way required for project work.

We provide men and machinery (Hitachi, loader, dumper, tractor etc.) wherever and whenever required for above work.

Over and above, we have adopted the village, Haripar in which our Salt Works – Dev Salt Private Limited is located, for the overall development. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Smt. Anandiben Patel congratulated us for our remarkable gesture towards the development of “Vibrant Gujarat”.

Dream of our honorable Prime Minister: “Swachcch Bharat

Under Swachcch Bharat we have taken following initiatives.

  • We have provided Bhugarbh Gutterin village Haripar, Tal: Maliya (Miyana), Dist: Morbi.

  • We have constructed toilet blocks in village Haripar.

  • We do regular cleaning of village Haripar which includes cleaning of roads, dump areas, drinking water storage tank for cattle’s, school, temple and surrounding area.


After seeing the activities carried out by Dev Wetland and Social Welfare Foundation. Mr. R.R Sorathiya (M.Tech), Ex. Employee Ballarpur Industries Ltd. Presently associated with Archean Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Got attracted and inspired and has donated Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Dev Wetland and Social Welfare foundation.

“Amla candy project” for improvement in health of children:

This particular project was suggested by District Development Officer (DDO), Morbi. He had implemented this project on trial basis at GIBSON School, Morbi and found to be very successful. So, we have taken up this project at Haripar School of Maliya taluka. After seeing the improvement in health ratio we have started extending it to other schools in the vicinity of our salt works.

Shala Praveshotsav

We have celebrated "Shala Praveshotsav" in the backward village of Haripal located in the boundary of Morbi district on 9th June 2017.

In this function, DDO, TDO & Mamlatdar of Morbi district were present. As usual, we have distributed schoolbags & study materials to the little students who got admitted to 1st Std this year.

"World Sparrow Day" Celebration on 20th March 2017:

We celebrated world sparrow day by arranging drawing competition at the schools of village Haripar & Devegadh.

The theme given was to draw a bird.

The students from Std. 1st to 8th participated in the competition.

The students were curious and excited to participate as such competition was conducted for the first time in their school. In Both schools, we divided the students in 3 slots (i.e from Std. 1st to 3rd, 4th to 6th & 7th to 8th) and two winners from each slot were rewarded.

We have also placed water pots for birds at different locations in both school premises.

World Environment Day 5th June 2017:

We have been invited by GPCB, Morbi & ‘Anandi’ the NGO for the c elebration of world environment day at village Khakhrechi, with the motive of creating awareness about environment in the people.

Mr. Sutreja, GPCB (Regional Manager), Morbi , has requested to distribute dustbins in 15 villages through ‘Anandi’. We sponsored the dustbins.

The function was started by a rally in which the students from 15 villages participated, after rally we did tree plantation at the school of Khakhrechi. The students from all the villages shared their experience of work done by them in their villages for environment conservation. Students explained the importance of environment by enacting dramas, performing skits and dance. And the end dustbins were distributed to 15 villages, 2 dustbins for each village.

The village Khakhrechi is very clean; the people of the village are very cooperative and also were excited for such activity done in their village.

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