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In the 12th ‘Sloka’, lesson three of ‘Shrimat Bhagvat Geeta’ Deva means Nature. This Sloke speak “ By loving and nourishing Nature – Environment , God’s manifestation in the shape of Agni (fire), Yayu (Air), Bhumi (Earth) you will get from Nature desired enjoyments, but anyone who exploit Nature or enjoy Nature’s gifts without returning and corresponding festering to the Nature is a ‘Thief’ (STENA). If we don’t follow it, Nature will not continue to bestow enjoyments to us.

I,undersigned Devendra singh Jhala have spent, 45 years of my life in Industry mainly for developing salt-works and bromine fields. I contributed many papers on salt to International Conferences in The Netherlands, Greece, Mexico, China, India and Spain. I have converted more than Fifty thousand acres wetlands in to salt and bromine fields. Now very lately at the age of 72 years, I have realized that coastal wetland is the most important for environment as well it is a shelters for millions and millions marine animals and migratory birds.

I have taken lot from the ‘Nature’. Now I want to return something to Nature. This inspiration I got from Bhagawat Geeta.

In view of above, this company was formed under the guidance of Mr. Digveer Sinh ji Solanki, the former His Highness of Vansda, the ‘Wild Life Board Member of Govt. of Gujarat’. He started a wildlife breeding farm for Deer in1979, with permission from Govt. of Gujarat.

He has been an actively participating member of Bombay natural history society ( B.N.H.S) for over 50 years. He was Former owner of the forest area in Vansda, now constituted into Vansda National Park by the Government of Gujarat.

I & my son are deeply involved in social welfare and environmental activities. I am having a salt works also. My salt works’ mobile clinic / ambulance, which was inaugurated by Pujya Morari Bapu, is providing good services to needy people in the vicinity of salt works.

Our other activities in addition to social welfare activities are conservation of Nature (Environment), to generate awareness among children of coastal villages for Nature- more specifically for birds, marine life, mangrove forest.

We have planted more than 100,000 mangrove plants, we have provided large big ponds of sea water where many migratory birds not only take shelters but started residing permanently.

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