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In view of the above, we intend to construct very large sea water ponds surrounded by mangrove forests where migratory birds and marine life can take shelter and thrive. We have identified a piece of land located on the island of Murga bet, estimated at 5000 hectares, which lies under the authority of the Govt. of Gujarat. In past people have volleyed for this plot of land for the manufacture of salt.

About 25% of the area is covered by mangroves and contain creek sublets. We intend to develop this land with sea water ponds surrounded by mangroves and other marine plants as artificial shelters for migratory birds, marine life and for eco – tourism.

You can join our mission in your own capacity- through

1. Financial help

2. Taking up matter with Government of India and State Governments to protect all remaining coastal Wetlands and helping us for getting allotment of lands to develop mangrove forests & shelters to migratory birds and marine lives

3. Your guidance

4. Your blessings and best wishes

5. Through "Your Prayer" for the success of our mission-

“Save the mangrove forest, marine life and lives of millions and millions migratory birds by protecting coastal wetlands through out the World”
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Our MISSION is "UNIQUE" in the World,
Join us! Save Nature!

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